Wedding Planning Careers
Career Opportunities in the wedding planning industry are better than they ever were before. If you are young, creative and possess good organising skills,
the world of glamour awaits you.

A decade ago, wedding planners were a rare sight. However, today, every city can boast of a fleet of wedding planning companies and individuals.

This is primarily because of the massive growth in the industry. Mainly because the joint family is breaking down, and people are willing to experiment with new ideas. A couple of Bollywood movies has also helped the industry in its take off.

Opportunities exist in the industry both in terms of jobs and for entrepreneurs as well, while there are also a host of ‘freelancers’ to be found in the business.

Wedding Planning opportunities exist in the following areas:
Opportunities in Wedding Planning
  • Event Management Companies
  • Wedding Planning Companies
  • Five Star Hotels
  • Banqueting & Hospitality companies
  • Catering Houses
  • Tenting & Facilities Providers
  • Decorators
  • Cruise Liners
  • Destination Management Agencies
  • Invitation Printers
  • Flowers & Trousseau
  • Make-up
  • Wedding Attire & Jewelry
  • Venue Management
  • Wedding Planning Entrepreneurship
  • Production Houses