Study Tours
Every year, COEM students go for at least one study tour. These are all expenses paid tours. Students have been to study tours to more than 40 different locations over the past four years, including Milan, Florence, Alibaug, Goa, Udaipur, Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Calcutta, Dharamsala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kathmandu and more.
Study Tour to Udaipur
Some of the very best moments that I have spent at COEM were the days we spent at Udaipur. At first, when we were informed that a study tour would go to Udaipur for a period of one week, a number of questions came to mind -

Where would we stay? How long would we be gone? How would we travel? Who all would go? What kind of practicum would this be? Who all would go? What kind of practicum would this be? Who would pay for the expenses?

We learnt the answers soon enough. The study tour would last for a week. All expenses would be paid for (except personal expenses of course). The tour was all about the wedding of the daughter of the vice chairmen of the Times Group. We would travel to & fro by chartered bus. Fifty students would be selected for the tour. Our college has been selected as the only college to get this experience.

Would I be one of the lucky ones? Well, as luck would have it, I was. And as we set off as a group, we all knew that we were creating memories that would last a lifetime.

This trip not only meant a lot of hard work and responsibility but also loads of fun and thrill for all of us present. The fact that the wedding guest were among the Who’s Who not only of India, but also of the world was also an important aspect in giving us the feeling that we were truly a part of something special.

We also learnt the nitty-gritty aspects of a destination wedding. Exposure to venue management processes at multiple five star locations, client handling processes, outsourcing processes, lighting & décor and team management were major learning areas.

But of course, we never went to Udaipur just to study! The after work ‘meetings’, leaving messages for our roommates and the farewell, were as enjoyable, if not more! The singing on the bus; the experience of a long journey; and finally returning tired but happy.

I am thankful to COEM for giving me this experience of a life time. I found this study tour to be the best compared to all the other study tours including the Femina Miss India study tour and the IFFI Goa study tour.

Yes, I think that the Udaipur tour was really special. Let’s look forward to many more to come.

Shikha Bhatia

Study Tour To Goa
I thoroughly enjoyed the study tour to Goa. In fact it was one of my best experiences at COEM. The practicum at Goa was the International Film Festival of India, 2011.

Our stay in Goa was for four days and three nights. We were to assist the Entertainment Society of Goa in their production of the IFFI, a truly prestigious event.

The trip to Goa was fun, to say the least. An overnight journey, we were all squeezed into a bus and the merriment began! Staying in Goa was a unique experience for most of us since we were put up in tents on the beach!

We reported to work at the ESG office where our work was allocated to us. This work took us to many a place around Goa.

Some of the students were handling the outdoor advertising whereas some were assisting with the indoor production. Some students were at the airport to receive the guests whereas others were at the hotel to receive the guests. Students also assisted in the inauguration ceremony and compilation of the memento pack that were to be given to the guests.

From all of these the students learnt a great deal about team work and team management and got a lot of experience of advertising processes, management processes, guest relations processes & celebrity management.

In fact, it was quite awesome to see all the celebrities troop in for the show. And yet we had a sense of responsibility to make sure everything went smoothly.

But all work no play makes makes Jack a dull boy. After work, the beaches and dinners were really enjoyable. And we got one full day off, where we played the role of perfect tourists and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

To summarise, it was a truly great experience. Let’s look forward for many more such experiences to come.

Vivek Easwaran