The Sporting Boom
Sports Management has gone from zero to the hottest profession in the Indian market.
Those individuals who enter the industry today, will be market leaders in five years’ time.

COEM’s School of Sports Management operates from our Koregaon Park Campus; while classes are conducted at both campuses.

It is quite fascinating to trace the origins of Sports Management as it evolved into the high flying career option that it is today. Sports has been around for thousands of years; and obviously therefore, so has sports management. However, since sport was an amateur activity, the management of it was confined to coaching methods & equipment.

Since becoming 100% professional a couple of decades ago, the management of sport has ballooned, rather than evolved. Suddenly, the need of the hour is no more sport itself, but the effective management of it.

Today, the subject is studied across the world, with 1,500 + universities/ colleges offering the subject as a degree or a major part thereof.

Sports management in India is a new field. The entry into India of international football clubs like Liverpool; the I-League & Pune FC; the Commonwealth Games; India’s first individual Olympic gold; ATP Tennis; the repeated record breaking IPL; India’s win at the ICC World Cup, Formula 1 racing in NOIDA etc. all of these has caused a spurt over the last two years.

This has created a gold rush – not just for medals but in terms of money as well. The fact is that we are not going to produce world beating sportspeople without having world beating sports management. In fact, the industry growth projected is 1000% over the next five years .

Sports management has come of age. No more limited to inter-school tournaments, the business has grown to an approx. Rs. 60,000 crores, where it has doubled in size over the last two years. In fact, the IPL itself is valued at Rs. 25,000 crores. So, how big can the whole biz get? Well, for starters, consider this: the sports industry in the UK is bigger than the auto industry

Sports management has come to India in much the same way that it straddles the lofty perches of the world. No more just limited to cricket, Sports management is now a complex game and covers all the following areas from sports development to coaching to media & PR. Apart from the mainstream cricket, football, boxing & hockey; our students have worked on sports events as diverse as motorcross, watersports, women’s rugby and paragliding – all in the last one year itself.

Students often forget that sports management has two distinct sections: Competitive Sport and Recreational Sport. Recreational Sport involves the masses. People start playing sport as a recreational activity from about two years of age and continue till they retire! Competitive sport covers both Professional Sport and Amateur Sport. Amateur sport is conducted up to college levels and even in corporate houses.

So, if we compute the potential size of the auto industry in India; well, the sports management industry could conceivably become larger than Rs. 100,000 crores in the very near future.

The way we think of sports has drastically changed over the years. Previously, sport was ‘just a game’; today it’s serious business.

(Pls. refer to prospectus documents for details on sports management courses.)