COEM has the best faculty by far in the field,
comprising both full time faculty as well as guest faculty drawn from the industry.

Unlike many other institutes in the field, COEM has believed in the concept of full time teaching faculty right from the start. Even today, the teaching emphasis revolves around full time teaching faculty.

This gives the student the benefit of teaching plans throughout the year, as well as the benefit of the faculty member knowing each student’s strengths and weaknesses in detail.

In addition to regular inputs from full time faculty, visiting and guest faculty share their experiences with the students every week on an average. This combination of full time and guest faculty provides the student of COEM the ideal mix of education. Here are our faculty members:
Bruce MacFarland, Dean   
Event Management, Advertising & Media, Sports Management, Wedding Planning, Public Relations
Dr. Vilas Kulkarni
HR & Team Building
Dr. Ketan R. Kulkarni        
Media Finance & Media Law
Sudheer Waje
Advertising, Communication, Soft skills, Print Media
Sharda Bajaj
Wedding Planning, Decorations, Flowers, Gift Wrapping
Abhineet Shah
Event Planning & Production, Sports Management, Wedding Planning, PR
Ompreet Singh
Event Accounting & Law, Event Production
Rucha M.
New Media, Design
Prasad Hiranwar
Mass Communication & Design
S. Venkatesh
Mgmt. Accounting, Advertising, Marketing
Vani Dayal
Journalism, Communication
V. Vijaylaxmi
Journalism, Advertising, Media, PR
Vijay Haldavnekar
Marketing, Advertising
Sanjay Sayani
Advertising, Media, Branding
Joel D’souza