COEM believes in working hard and playing hard as well.
De-stressing and recreation are essential parts of the teaching plan. The Rec. Room is designed to provide
a relaxing environment.

All work and no play makes COEM students dull boys… and girls! Which is exactly why we set out to have so much fun on the campus. Part of this effort to thoroughly enjoy ourselves, while we pursue our studies, is the various clubs that students form and be a part of.

The following clubs currently exist, which a student can become a part of:

The Theatre Club
For all you budding Sharukhs! The theatre club must put up at least two productions a year, starring, directed and produced by only students. While one of these productions can cater to an in-house audience, at least one production will be for outsiders. So, the quality had better be good.

Take the Drama out of the classroom, guys, and onto the stage!

The Rock Music Klub
For the head-bangers among you musically inclined folks. Who listens to pop anyway? The club arranges jamming sessions, trips to all the rock shows in town, forms up swapping libraries, distributes the funkiest rockiest t-shirts in town, and generally indulges in second hand noise of the highest order!

So, if you’re a mushroom-head or just a lost prophet, you’ve just been found.

The Outdoors Club
Is for the adventurous types. The club arranges treks, camps and visits to just about every fort within travelling distance. So, if you’re environmentally conscious or a health freak, or just interested in nature, sign up for the ride of your life…

The Couture Club
For the fashion conscious among you, here's the opportunity to wear your colour on your sleeve. Swish your skirts and strut your stuff at the COEM Fashion Week. Breeze through the year with thoughts & themes, concepts & dreams, only no wardrobe malfunctions on campus pleeze..

How to start a Club
Starting a club is easy. All you need is tons of interest and a whole lot of drive. And yes, you need to back all this with an written appeal signed by at least ten of your peers on campus.

Your club will be closely monitored…….so that you can win the Club of Clubs cash award and rolling trophy if you’ll are really good. Or even be shut down if you’re found to be generally snoring and doing nothing else.

All club activities including clubbin’ are run by students only.